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Don't buy a property or accept a contractor's bid without understanding how much repairs should cost


    DO IT  YOURSELF with my home repair cost and after repaired value calculators.  Pre-Loaded with materials and labor cost date for the entire U.S.  including Alaska and Hawaii.  Excel, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone compatible……more details


    Send me your repair notes, measurements and pictures for any property in the U.S.  I’ll put together a complete repair cost estimate and review it with you over the phone.  Great for new investors……more details


    “Boots on the Ground” pre-sale inspections, create scope of work, line up contractors, evaluate bids, complete renovation project management, tenant turnover inspections.  Out of state or local investors……more details

Seller, Buyer and Landlord Representation

Don't sell, buy or lease a property with a real estate agent who doesn't have experience with investment property.  I'm an active investor with 30+ years experience and a 7 property portfolio that I manage myself.

  • SELL

    Most real estate agents don’t own investment properties and as a result don’t understand how to price and market one effectively.  Don’t use just any agent to sell your investment property……more details

  • BUY

    When you’re buying an investment property, it’s not just about getting the lowest price- you need to work with an agent who understands market rents, costs, tenant pools and repair costs.  In other words, how to analyze each property you look at……more details


    If you plan on keeping your property and want to eliminate some of the work required to manage it, I can help by getting your vacant units rented.  I handle all marketing, showings, tenant screening and move-ins……more details

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Leverage My 30+ Years of Cleveland Real Estate Market Experience to Make Better Investment Decisions

In order to succeed in today's competitive real estate market, you have to make decisions quickly or you'll lose out on the best opportunities.  Even if you can get a busy contractor to stop what he's doing and put together a renovation estimate for a house you don't even own yet, by the time you do that the best properties will be under contract.  And if you guess at what its going to cost to put the house back together, you run the risk of either paying too much or not making a good enough offer and losing the property (if you are too conservative).

Over the last 30+ years, I've participated in hundreds of real estate transactions as a real estate agent, mortgage broker and investor - many involved substantial renovation work.  Over 3,000 other investors have leveraged my tools and experience since I formed InvestWell in 2008.  Join this group today and start taking the risk out of buying fixer upper properties.

Don Petrasek

InvestWell Founder

Realtor®/Notary Public

I Can Help You Get Started Investing in Fixer Upper Properties...or Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level

  • Stop Struggling Trying to Assemble a Complete Repair Cost Estimate

    Don’t know how to get started putting a repair cost estimate together?  Use my Desktop Review – I’ll put an estimate together for you that includes all repairs AND walk you thru it & show you how to do it yourself on the next property.  Any property in the United States.

  • Create a System That Allows You to Act Quickly

    Use my calculators to estimate repair costs and the right offer price for any property – at the time you walk thru it.  Make offers immediately with confidence, stop losing out on opportunities because you aren’t sure about costs or have to get a contractor to the property.

  • Sell, Buy or Lease

    I leverage my 30+ yrs worth of Cleveland real estate market experience to get sellers the best price in the shortest amount of time, help buyers find a property that’s going to perform well and get stable long term tenants in place for landlords.

  • Save Time and Money on Your Next Renovation Project

    I provide complete renovation project management services in the Cleveland area.  Create scope of work, secure contractor bids, manage timeline, assure quality work and handle any required inspections.  General contractors typically mark up costs 20% and require the use of their subcontractors….I assemble the right subcontractors for your job and charge just 5%-10% of repair costs.

  • Cleveland Boots on the Ground

    If you’re investing in Cleveland and live outside the area, you need a neutral third party to help you make sure you know what you’re buying.  I provide pre-sale on site inspections, neighborhood/rental assessments, post sale scope of work creation and periodic on site checks of your property after its rented.  Also available for local investors who may not have experience with fixer uppers.

  • Join over 3,240 real estate investors who have downloaded my tools or used my services

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