Project Portfolio

Here are picture compilations from a few of the renovation projects I've successfully completed.

The Big Dig

This was a single family renovation that started out as a basic flip project and turned into complete redo - including replacing the entire foundation of the house.   Purchased out of an estate sale, it was clear that the house hadn't been maintained for the last 15-20 years...the basement was wet, so the expectation was that we'd have to do some waterproofing.  Turned out that there was hidden structural damage to 2 of the walls with the best option being to completely replace at least one of them (and brace the others).  When we got an estimate to do all 4 walls for only about $6,000 more than everybody else was bidding for a single wall replacement, we decided to go ahead with full replacement - which dramatically expanded the project.  In the end, wound up replacing or redoing almost everything in this house including plumbing, electric, kitchen, bath and windows.  Even though we were way over the original budget, we still wound up creating some equity.....and about $600/month cashflow (decided to keep it as a result of the high $ investment).

Torn Apart Two Family

This property was a bank repo.  The previous owner apparently had big renovation ideas right before he lost the house and had completely gutted the upstairs unit.  We felt as though this was an advantage because you could see exactly what you were getting - which in this case was old plumbing coupled with a terrible rewire job.  The house was also well known by the building department as a recipient of a number of their special awards (otherwise known as a violation notice).  The city has a point of sale inspection requirement, so we would up signing off on a 5 page list of code violations.  The city was actually so happy to see someone finally fixing up a problem property that they bent over backwards to work with and help us.  Upstairs was a complete down to studs renovation with new drywall, bath, kitchen, electric, plumbing, floors and doors.  Downstairs we did not take down to the studs but did everything else.  Painted the entire exterior, replaced all the doors and windows.

Purple Rain

Another bank repo with a unique dark purple and green interior wall paint scheme (thank God for Kilz).  Another wet basement in the same area where gutters were damaged, hanging off the house.  Assumed the cause of the basement moisture was that the gutters weren't doing their job, but during a heavy rain discovered water coming thru the back wall as if there were two open faucets.  Had two walls dug out and waterproofed, which actually wasn't very expensive and not as difficult as I expected seeing that our wall was only maybe six feet off the neighbor's driveway.  New plumbing and wiring, bath, kitchen, roof, refinished hardwood floors, painted over purple walls, new windows and doors.  Purchased just after the financial crisis at what seems like a ridiculously low price today so did well despite the basement issue.

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